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District Rules, District Budget & Financial Audit:

 District Rules  – Rule Revision 2016 Final
 District Budget  – fy-2016-budget-public-copy
 District Budget  – fy-2017-budget-public-copy
Financial Audit – recrd-audit-report-fy-2015


Water Monitoring Information:

TWDB Interactive Map – Click here to view
  USGS Stream Guage Barksdale – Click here to view


Reports and Enabling Legislation:

LBG-Guyton Report – Click here to download now
RECRD Report On DFC’s – Click here to download now
RECRD Enabling Legislation – SB447_56R
RECRD Enabling Legislation  – RECRD Enabling Legislation
RECRD Amended Enabling Legislation – RECRD Amended Enabling Legislation